Welcome to Rushville Church!

At Rushville Church, we believe worshiping together is a blessing and important rhythm. Our worship services are purposeful times of prayer, worship, giving, and hearing from God's Word, the Bible. 

We are glad you are interested in Rushville Church.   Please join us for worship!   You are welcome here.  


(Why We Exist!)

The Mission of Rushville Church is to: 

Love God, Love People, Grow in Christ, and Serve and Impact the World. 

Love. Grow. Serve.  Everything we do at Rushville Church flows out of that mission. 

Ministry Model
(This is how we do ministry and achieve our God-given mission at Rushville Church!)

Our ministry model at Rushville Church is simple: 

Gather, then Scatter and Serve.  

  • We GATHER on Sunday mornings and at various times throughout the month for worship, fellowship, and to grow closer to God. 
  • Then, we SCATTER into the community and SERVE, both locally in the community and around the world! 


Love.  Grow.  Serve
Gather.  Scatter.  Serve.   

It's what we do at Rushville Church!