Our Mission is God-Given
It is the reason we exist:


Love God
Love People
Grow in Christ
Serve and Impact the World!

Everything that happens at Rushville Church flows from this mission! 



The values of Rushville Church are based on What We Believe, and they make us who we are as a Church. 

Our 10 Core Values include:  

  • The Bible – The Bible is the only source of truth and contains in it instructions for how we are to live our lives.

  • Prayer – Prayer is the very essence of our relationship with God.  Prayer allows us to be in constant communication with our Savior and our Lord.  

  • Worship – We regularly come together to praise our God for who He is, what He has done, and what He is planning to do.  

  • Evangelism - We are called to reach people with the powerful, saving, dangerous message of Jesus Christ.  We want to be a church that grows by reaching people and being actively involved in Kingdom work.  

  • Discipleship – We are not only interested in growing in number!!  More than anything, we desire to be a healthy church of healthy Christians who are continually growing closer to God.   

  • Community – We are committed to doing life together.  Our church is a place of real friendships.  We love to get together, encourage and help one another, serve, and celebrate with one another!  

  • Compassion – We strive to alleviate pain and effectively meet the needs of our community, our country, and our world.

  • Holiness – We are committed to living holy lives, just as Jesus lived a holy life.  We desire to love as He loved, serve as He served, and live as He lived…holy before God. 

  • Gift Oriented Service – Every believer is called to Christian service, and God has gifted every believer with specific spiritual gifts so that, with His help, we might be effective in our service to Him and His church.  

  • Relevance – We will never compromise the saving and sanctifying message of Jesus Christ.  However, we may not always do things the way they have always been done.  While we change and grow together, rest assured; the Message will be the same today as it has always been.  The Message never changes.